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The INTELLIGENT wastewater POLLUTION CONTROL with "H.A.C. PANDA" products.

H.A.C Industrial Agents CC has chosen the Panda as a product name in order to accelerate the way of thinking regarding our environment or more specifically the dwindling of a healthy environment, particularly in S.A.

With the growth of the food industry and additional oil polluting industries our environment (lakes, seas, rivers and dams), must be protected from pollution in order to guarantee the country's potable water supply and keep our recreational values clean.

In various parts of the world drinking water has to be bought in bottles. If our water quality and supply cannot be guaranteed any more because of the damage done, by pollution for example, our environmental circle will break down virtually irreparably. In the whole of the world there are only a few Panda bears left due to mankind's demolition of the balance of nature. Inefficient or incorrectly designed products fail to protect the environment. Only H.A.C PANDA PRODUCTS are designed according to overseas specifications as well as S.A.B.S, and the correct size can be chosen for any type and size of project.

The know-how which we transfer to you comes from many years local experience to combat water pollution. For expert and professional assistance use only approved H.A.C PANDA PRODUCTS.


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