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H.A.C. Industrial Agents c.c.  

In 1984 HAC first realised that there was a need for a range of locally manufactured Oil and Fat Separators. A decision was made to significantly enhance the foreign models for South African conditions and in association with SABS has resulted in the superb PANDA range presented in our product range. The familiar PANDA in the logo is indicative of the efforts this organisation makes towards promoting environmental awareness.


with clients is most important, indeed many of the innovations in the PANDA range are the result of such consultation. This has resulted in a feature packed, reliable product range. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are using the best equipment for the project and for preserving the environment at the same time.

Quick reference product features:

        • Easy installation
        • Built in fire protection
        • Prevents blocked drains
        • Life Guarantee on function
        • Prevents Oil & Fat build up in drains
        • Hygienic - Eliminates harmful bacteria and odours
        • Safe
        • According the SABS standards
        • Environmentally friendly
        • No harmful chemicals used
        • Various products for various applications
        • Made of durable material and/or corrosion resistant materials.

P.O. Box 3427 Kenmare 1745
Tel: 011 660-8943
Cell: 082 427-9857
Fax: 011 660-8981
Established 1984
CK 89/06995/23
H. Clemens
Dipl. Eng. (Germ)

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