Panda 110 high OIL & WATER MASTERS
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Various sizes available
Workshops and Oil polluting industries

      • Self closing oilmaster
      • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
      • 1 LPS, 3 LPS, 5 LPS, 10 LPS & larger on request
      • Garages and Workshops, Oil depots & mining applications
      • Fireproof sand trap
      • No Sludging up of Oilmaster
      • Easy to drain oil
      • Automatic overflow
      • Life Guaranteed on function
      • Automatic oil drain pump on request.
      • Removable baskets for use with sand trap on request


    The H.A.C. SELF-CLOSING OILMASTER is an industrial oils separator which separates oil and grease from the wastewater with an efficiency of approximately 98% due to it’s unique diagonal cross-flow action.

    This Separator works on the principles of gravity, as does the incorporated steel float. The float valve housed in the main chamber (oil-retaining chamber) floats on water and will close the unit’s outlet to the municipal sewer if sufficient oil has been separated.

    As the rim of the Oil trap is installed slightly higher than the grid of the sand trap, the liquid cannot overflow or leave the self-closing Oil trap via the rim. The oil automatically enters the oil overflow chamber (drainbox), which must be emptied on a regular basis.

    Oilmasters are sized according to expected flow per second from industrial operations.

    Most commonly used e.g. 1 litre per second Oilmaster for hand machining workshops, 3 litre per second Oilmasters for machining and spares work shops, 4 litres per second for high pressure manual car washes and 5 litres per second for automated car wash bays.

    Larger units are available on request to deal with truck and bus wash bays, large transport depots and mining operations. Other applications include battery wash bay areas, compressor rooms and filling station forecourts and work shops.

    All units consist of a sand trap/oilmaster combination, sand traps are available in three standard sizes and are also available separately for applications which require more than one sand trap.

    All our units are easily installed by a registered plumbing contractor, consultants are available for technical assistance and custom modifications can also be done to accommodate client requirements.

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